Destroy Into


To destroy has a range of meanings. A mild interpretation of destruction is to impair or damage; more grim examples can mean to eradicate or kill. Regardless of intention, destruction always results in a change of state - from what once was to what currently is. This project was an exercise into the destruction of an object by employing alternative methods.

The destruction apparatus is based on an External Fixation Device, a medical instrument applied on a limb when a bone is heavily damaged. After the device is placed around the body part, rods are inserted into the limb to correct the placement of the broken bones. 

The design hyper-rationalizes the logic of the External Fixation Device to transform it from an object of rehabilitation to an instrument of destruction. By perpetually tightening the rods under the notion that the device will help rehabilitate, the instrument eventually embeds itself into the object it was intended to stabilize and further damages it by crushing it even further.