Updates: Graduated / New read

I recently graduated from Columbia GSAPP with a M.S. in Advanced Architectural Design. I am currently taking time off and exploring my ideas on design and research in architecture as methods of practice. This entails methods of operating, forms of production and types of representation. Here is my current read. 


Narratives: A Vision of La Clairvoyance

A Vision of La Clairvoyance is a study completed in a seminar focused on analyzing and developing narratives. The study was to take a single image and add four frames before and after in order to tell a complete story. Using Rene Magritte's La Clairvoyance (1936) as the central image, the narrative adds another layer of the author's vision. 


Final Semester: Architecture(s) of Nationalism

I am currently in the final semester of the Advanced Architectural Design program at Columbia GSAPP. My final studio project will focus on the intersection of architecture, identity and nationalism be leveraging Marshall McLuhan's The Medium is the Message

Medium is the Message2.jpg

Current Read #1: How Do We Know? An Introduction to Epistemology

How Do We Know? 

An Introduction to Epistemology

James Dew Jr. and Mark Foreman, 2014

My growing interest in epistemology is to develop an ability to think about how I am thinking about specific ideas. This, I believe, will help me in two interdependent ways: develop a skill to create thinking structures and models for specific scenarios as well as be able to be critical of those very thinking methods.